Summer School FUCE on ‘European Humanism in the Making’ in Gubbio, Italy

100 euros participation fees for USJ Lebanese students & USJ pays the flight ticket!
Summer 2020

FUCE (European Federation of Catholic Universities/Fédération des Universités Catholiques Européennes) organizes its second summer school on "European Humanism in the Making" in Gubbio, Italy, at the premises of LUMSA university, from July 6th until July 10th 2020.

The programme consists of following five modules, structured in two parts:

PART I – Historical and Cultural Roots: Implications for Europe Today

  1. Contribution of History to European Consciousness
  2. Literature, the Arts, Translation and European Identity
  3. Religion and Science and the Challenges of Humanism in Europe

PART II – Social and Political Construction: Implications for the Future of Europe

  1. European Social Humanism
  2. Governance, Democracy and Civic Engagement: Beyond Differences

USJ can send 1 to 2 students (2nd or 3rd year bachelors) to attend. The number of available places in total is limited to 30.

You will find a complete presentation of the program in the document attached, also, within the next days, some videos on the FUCE website (videos of the students from the last summer school and videos made by the 5 course coordinators introducing their modules).

Participation fees:

  • Travel costs (flight ticket) will be covered by USJ
  • Costs for stay are partly covered by FUCE against a registration fee of 100€ only to be paid by the Lebanese participants from USJ including food, registration to the program, outings, housing...

Application procedure:

  1. Interested students should fill USJ’s outgoing mobility form BEFORE January 26, 2020 and send it to the International relations office 
    PS: Students must also get their Dean's approval in case of any course validation upon their return to USJ. A written note by the Dean is a must.
  2. The international relations team will then send your official nomination.
  3. To allow the academic team of the summer school to select the group of participants from the proposed candidates, you will need to provide:

    a motivation letter, CV, contact data (Family name, Given name, email address, date of birth, nationality, phone number) and affiliation (discipline, faculty and university) and send it by email to:

  4. Nominated students will be contacted to proceed with their application.