Artificial Intelligence

AI to solve problems - Module 1
May 2019
5:00 to 20:30
Campus des sciences et technologies
  • BMB Group

A training agreement was signed on 30th of January 2019, between the USJ and the company BMB Smart to develop training sessions related to technology such as : Artificial Intelligence (Module 1 & 2), Big data frameworks, Data mining for massive data sets, Ethical Hacking. The Professional training Center of USJ coordinated with the experts of USJ, from the Faculty of ESIB and INCI who designed these training workshops.

The first training workshop entitlted : Artificial Intelligence AI to solve problems, was held in May 2019 for a period of a month and a half. This training is mostly about presenting the artificial intelligence, and the participants will explore AI through problem solving paradigms, search and control  methods and adversarial search problems.