Un Bonjour des Etats Unis ...

Juin 2020

Saint Joseph University of Beirut opened its North America office this past October in Houston (Texas), with several objectives to achieve:

centralize and enhance the modes of cooperation between USJ and its partners
• assist new graduates with integration in the American system
• support representatives of USJ on a mission in North America
• locate already established Alumni and solicit their support for USJ Foundation projects in resource identification and fundraising towards scholarship programs

Since this announcement, several students have been connected from Beirut to Alumni living in the United States and Canada and benefited from mentoring to better assimilate into a new culture. The Alumni chapter in Canada is doing an outstanding job of supporting and guiding newcomers to integrate into their new environment.

Alumni chapters – New York, Boston, Washington DC, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, and others to come – have been receiving logistical support to organize events and expand their network to benefit USJ Beirut.

Chapter Presidents and members were preparing for the upcoming visit of USJ Rector Salim Daccache s.j. and President of the Federation of USJ Alumni Associations Dr. Christian Makary; however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all events had to be postponed until further notice.

The main goal of the Rector’s visit was to keep USJ Alumni and Friends connected and extend their network, while also strengthening their ties to USJ Beirut and promoting the 2020 Fundraising Campaign, Les Uns pour les Autres (Donate to Educate).

Ultimately, the office serves a central role in rallying lumni and facilitating the expansion of the USJ community abroad. On a personal level, it is highly gratifying to help Alumni come together to celebrate and give back to their alma mater.

Randa Hakim
Director of North America Office
Foundation USJ & Alumni Coordinator