UAB Barcelona Summer School 2021

Summer 2021

UAB Barcelona Summer School 2021:

Enjoy a wide variety of courses while getting to discover the city of Barcelona.

The program comprises a training offer of 28 undergraduate subjects from all academic fields (Sciences, Biosciences, Health Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences and Engineering) and takes place from late June to mid-July once the ordinary academic year is over.

The courses are mostly taught in English even though a few of them are taught in Spanish, where students can earn from 6 to 12 ECTS in two 3-week periods. Moreover, students who sign up before the 16thof April will get a 20% early bird discount!

But, what about COVID-19? 

UAB is committed to ensure a face-to-face interaction as long as the circumstances allow it. However, they are fully prepared to make a smooth transition to an online format and maintain the excellence that they always seek.

Please find enclosed a brochure about the UAB Barcelona Summer School program and a more detailed information on the following link

Application process:

  1. Interested candidates should fill USJ’s outgoing mobility form and send it to the International relations office: 
  2. The international relations office of USJ will send the student's official nomination 
  3. In parallel, students must follow the instructions and apply through the following link 

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact (USJ) or (UAB).