Regional Webinar on Quality Assurance : “Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Institutional evaluation and accreditation”

Jeudi 3 décembre 2020
  • Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

A regional webinar was organised on December 3, 2020 by the Erasmus+ Offices of Morocco and Tunisia. Experts from both countries and from the region have participated. Dr. Nada Moghaizel Nasr and Dr. Chafic Mokbel took part from Lebanon. Around three hundred persons participated in this webinar.

A keynote speech was delivered by the European expert Fabrice Henard who shed light on the latest developments in the Quality Assurance domain. This was followed by presenting several experiences from Morocco and Tunisia.

From Lebanon, two presentations were delivered:

Dr. Nada Moghaizel-Nasr, who led the accreditation and quality assurance process at Saint Joseph University in Beirut and who participated in the institutional evaluation of several European universities, presented some recommendations so that institutional accreditation and evaluation become levers of development. She also presented the digital platform conceived by her university in order to facilitate this process. Based on her experience, she also explained how this process had positively impacted a student centered pedagogy in her university, pillar of quality culture in higher education institutions. She concluded that this way of piloting the evaluation process leads to many “silent transformations” and strengthens a quality culture based on continuous evaluation and improvements.

Dr. Chafic Mokbel summarised ten years of experience in quality assurance especially within the two projects: Tempus TLQAA and Erasmus+ TLQAA+. The projects have permitted to construct all components, tools and procedures for institutional and programmatic evaluation and quality assurance. Capacity has been built with a pool of more than eighty experts in quality assurance trained. The presentation stresses on the balances that a QA system must consider with care while noting that a balance is not a choice. Details have been provided about several balances: accountability vs continuous improvement, internal QA vs external evaluation, institutional vs programmatic, quality assurance vs relevance, norms vs standards, local vs external reviewers, authorities-institutions-agencies, and system-standards-experts. The presentation also showed the ten reference points for the creation of a QA agency in the domain of higher education as defined by Tempus TLQAA.

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