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Microbiology in Endodontic Infections
Principles and evolution of the last five decades
Edgard Nehmé – Tarek Itani – Hiam Wehbé – Jeanine Hoyek Gebeily

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Langue : anglais
Éditeur : Édition de l'USJ

Endodontics has evolved rapidly over the years, both in terms of our understanding of the pathobiology of the disease process as well as in the evolution of chemo-mechanical means in the management of the pulp and periapical space.
This work is really an up-to-date review of the microbiology of the endodontic infectious processes. Although it does not give any direct therapeuticali indication, its lecture is of tremendous importance for the practitioner, because it relates to the fundamentals of the endodontic treatment (and re-treatment) which remain based on more mechanical and chemical specificities, than on anti-infectious modalities. The presentation of the text has been kept in a simple and reader-friendly manner.
After an historical overview, the authors reported on the recent advances in the human microbiome; as for all others part of this work, recent and accurate article and book references can be found in the text. After this historical and updated literature review, the authors reported on the new bacterial nomenclature, on the taxonomy of the oral microbiota and on the composition of the endodontic microbiota, which nowadays require a lot of attention in order to better understand the endodontic treatment and its difficulties as well as its failures.
Also, after each paragraph, the authors draw especially the attention of the reader on “ESSENTIALS”, which are the conclusive but also the most important points of knowledge to be kept in mind by the reader.
As also necessary, a lot of techniques and application of molecular biology techniques in endodontics are taken into account, and once more, although all of them are not -yet? - to be in use in daily clinical work, their knowledge is required to better understand the pathogenicity of endodontic infections but also, in many cases, to better understand the antibacterial therapeutical resistance phenomena. As strict anaerobic bacteria predominate in primary endodontic infections, a very important part of the chapter is devoted to their knowledge and analysis, before the very specific pathogenicity of the endodontium microbiome can be detailed to assure a better understanding of these complex infections. So, the bacterial interactions and the virulence factors are easier to be explained to the reader.
The next part devoted to the biofilms and more specifically to the endodontic biofilms represents the last but not least important part of this work. In the oral pathology, the concept of biofilm is a well-known bacterial but also metabolic cellular and non-cellular layered complex that must be correctly known and understood by the practitioner, who must be able to eliminate as much as possible the endodontic biofilm of the pulp space.
Altogether, this work is an accurate and exhaustive review of all known microbiological aspects of the endodontic infectious process, which are the fundamentals of an accurate daily clinical endodontic treatment. As such, this work has its particular place in the professional library of each dental practitioner.

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