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Mission. Vision. Values

USJ's mission, vision, and values are defined in its Charter. They revolve around two main pillars: teaching and research, in addition to a third pillar of community service. In that sense, USJ is a teaching and research institution. It promotes excellence and aims to shape its students into the best of the country and region, thereby opening wide the doors of opportunity for them. Not only that, but USJ also seeks to promote dialogue through biculturalism and pluri-lingualism, all while remaining a healthy setting for reflection and character building.

The Charter requires that all members of the university community be committed to advocating personal freedom while still being open to spiritual engagement. Members of all religious denominations - whose very plurality is idiosyncratic to Lebanese society - are called upon to take part in this advocation, which implies an underlying theme of mutual knowledge and respect. The Charter also states that USJ serves all members of the community, regardless of social and ethnic distinctions, which explains the importance it accords to maintaining diversity in its faculty and student body. USJ refuses to follow one ideology, choosing instead to make its campuses an open space for dialogue and exchanging information as long as no freedoms are infringed on and no academic activities are disrupted.

USJ also accords great importance to its "third mission", community service. The "Opération 7e jour" volunteer program, which promotes civic engagement, enables students to become more involved with the community, each according to his/her own area of expertise. It also teaches them social, national, and human values. In addition, the diverse student bodies across the university organize cultural activities that allow everyone to showcase their skills and talents, making student life more vibrant.