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Design and Implementation of Advanced Control for Grid-Connected Multilevel Inverters in high Power Quality PV Systems

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Recently, renewable energy sources are showing a distinctly increase because of its pollution less property. High interest is concentrated on PV source since it is free, clean, inexhaustible and respectful for the environment. The power conversion in PV systems has gained researchers attention to focus on in order to respond to power quality challenges and international codes. Modern digital control platforms based on fixed-point processors show low-cost high-computational capability. In fact, the constantly evolving processing capability of digital hardware has triggered the implementation of more calculation-demanding control strategies. The common control methods used today are: sliding mode, and predictive based methods. Sliding-Mode Control has been proved to be one of the most effective nonlinear controllers featuring inherent compatibility with variable structure systems as power electronics converters due to switching actions. However, it suffers from system chattering. Based on using the model of the system to predict the future behavior of its controlled variables, the predictive method is considered to be the promising strategy. Besides, it suffers from variable switching frequency operation. The basic idea of this project is the design of new controller based on advanced techniques for grid connected converter to improve the power quality injected to the grid.

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Projet présenté au CR, le : 01/01/2018

Projet achevé auprès du CR : 31/12/2019