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Simulation and optimization of a solar absorption cooling system with evacuated tube collectors

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In solar cooling, thermal energy is used as the basic energy for the production of cold, substituting the electric energy necessary for compression in a conventional refrigeration system, by solar energy. The environmental benefits are considerable, by reducing CO2 emissions, but also by eliminating the use of disputed refrigerants, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). "Absorption" solar air conditioning is one of the most used techniques at the moment. As in compression refrigerators, refrigerant evaporates at low temperature and low pressure. The refrigerant removes heat and thus produces the desired cooling effect. "Absorption" solar air conditioning uses the heat energy of the sun in a closed-circuit device that uses the special feature of producing cold water. This process uses a liquid sorbent, water to which lithium bromide or ammonia has been added. It achieves power available from 35 to 5000 kW.

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