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Effect of Subgrade Soil on Pavement Performance and Design

Description :

In civil engineering, one of the main issues worldwide is pavement deterioration and maintenance. This project delves into the intricate relationship between soil properties, in-service conditions, and pavement deterioration in the context of Lebanese road networks. The study follows a systematic approach to unravel the principal criteria influencing pavement degradation and aims to propose a tailored road quality index for the unique conditions in Lebanon. -Methodology: -Database Analysis: Utilizing a comprehensive database of Lebanese road networks, the study incorporates diverse datasets, including pavement distress information, pavement structure details, traffic patterns, geotechnical data (subgrade properties), and hydrology and drainage data. -Probabilistic Analysis: The research seeks to establish the probability of different pavement distress types occurring and their correlation with design and loading conditions. This step aims to pinpoint the primary factors contributing to pavement deterioration across the Lebanese road network. -Road Quality Index Comparison: A comparative analysis of existing road quality indices from literature will be conducted. Subsequently, a new road quality index will be proposed, specifically tailored to the intricacies of Lebanese roads, based on insights derived from the real database. -Mathematical Modeling: Employing advanced mathematical models, the study will evaluate the impact of subgrade properties on pavement loading signals. This evaluation is crucial for understanding the implications on pavement design, offering valuable insights for optimizing road infrastructure. -Expected Contributions: This research aims to not only enhance our understanding of the complex interplay between soil properties, in-service conditions, and pavement deterioration but also to provide practical outcomes. The proposed Lebanese road quality index and the insights gained from the mathematical model are expected to significantly contribute to the improvement of pavement design strategies and maintenance practices.

Titulaire :
RAHHAL Muhsin Elie

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Projet présenté au CR, le : 01/03/2023

Projet achevé auprès du CR : 28/02/2026