Pratique alternative de la vidéo

This course explores contemporary video practice by looking at key theoretical, historical and aesthetic approaches to Video Art. Students are introduced to time-based art, concentrating on presenting and analyzing the moving image, while developing an individual assigned project. Technical instruction will include the creative use of video cameras and the basics of video editing. Assigned readings, video screenings and group discussions will be regular elements of the course.

Temps présentiel : 22.5 heures

Charge de travail étudiant : 7.5 heures

Méthode(s) d'évaluation : Exposés, Projets

Référence :
- Video Art, The Castello di Rivoli Collection, Davis A. Ross. - The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility, and Other Writings on Media, Walter Benjamin - Understanding Media, Marshal McLuhan - Reasons for Knocking at an Empty House, Bill Viola - Nam June Paik: Global Groove, Nam June Paik - The Fluxus Reader: Ken Friedman

Jeu 30/01/202016:30 - 17:45CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 30/01/202018:00 - 19:15CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 06/02/202016:30 - 17:45CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 06/02/202018:00 - 19:15CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 13/02/202016:30 - 17:45CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 13/02/202018:00 - 19:15CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 20/02/202016:30 - 17:45CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 20/02/202018:00 - 19:15CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 27/02/202016:30 - 17:45CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 27/02/202018:00 - 19:15CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 05/03/202016:30 - 17:45CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 05/03/202018:00 - 19:15CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 12/03/202016:30 - 17:45CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 12/03/202018:00 - 19:15CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 26/03/202016:30 - 17:45CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 26/03/202018:00 - 19:15CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 02/04/202016:30 - 17:45CSH-C-3-309
Jeu 02/04/202018:00 - 19:15CSH-C-3-309
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