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Protocol & Etiquette

Protocol & Etiquette course is offered to students following a hospitality B.A. Based on fundamental principles Etiquette allow us to face any social and professional situation with self-confidence and integrity. This behavioral code, that is adaptable to different cultures, help us interact with others while making sure to respect beliefs and traditions different from ours. Etiquette is the rule and code organizing the behavior of every person within a society, has a great impact on facilitating human and career development of future professionals. Protocol is the set of rules and shared codes that ease communication, without being part of the communication by itself. It can be used in several fields: - Social: set of rules organizing Etiquette and precedence in official ceremonies - Diplomatic: Rule of diplomatic Etiquette and precedence This course is aiming to give students deep information of good manners and behavior, allowing them to master interaction and communication in private, public and professional environment.

Temps présentiel : 17.5 heures

Charge de travail étudiant : 32.5 heures

Méthode(s) d'évaluation : Examen final, Participation et assiduité, Projets, Travail personnel

Référence :
• Emily Post, Etiquette manners for a new world, 18th edition, Peggy Post, Anna Post, Lizzie Post, Daniel Post Senning • Emily Post, The Etiquette Advantages In Business, Peter post with Anna Post, Lizzie Post and Daniel Post • Le Journal Officiel, No 49- 26/10/2000 Décret No 4081, Les protocoles et les cérémonies (en arabe) • The Protocol School of Washington’s Honor & Respect, the official guide to Names, Titles, & Forms of Address, Robert Hickey • Modern Manners, tools to take you to the top, Dorothea Johnson and Liv Tyler

Ven 03/09/202111:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-10
Ven 10/09/202113:30 - 14:45CST-IGE-2-14
Jeu 16/09/202108:00 - 09:15
Jeu 16/09/202111:00 - 12:15
Jeu 07/10/202108:00 - 09:15
Ven 08/10/202111:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-10
Ven 22/10/202111:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-10
Ven 29/10/202111:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-10
Ven 05/11/202111:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-10
Ven 12/11/202111:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-10
Ven 19/11/202111:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-10
Ven 26/11/202111:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-10
Ven 03/12/202111:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-10
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