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Communication and selling skills

The ability to communicate and sell effectively with our, co-workers and business associates is one of the most critical skills anyone can master. During this highly interactive hands-on course we will touch upon some of the most important elements of effective communication concepts: verbal and non-verbal communication. We will demonstrate that body language and non-verbal cues such as eye contact or the lack of it; perception, and conditioning account for many of the difficulties we all experience when we communicate. We will discuss how Active Listening skills can improve all that we do. We will also show that when we open our mind to new ways of seeing things, we open our selling and communication and improve our relationships. This more open communication will be reflected in writing, speaking, presenting materials, and even in research and development of a work product. It will also change the way we see ourselves, and all those with whom we come into contact.

Temps présentiel : 26.25 heures

Charge de travail étudiant : 48.75 heures

Méthode(s) d'évaluation : Examen oral, Participation et assiduité, Projets, Travail personnel

Référence :
Baudier Michel, I Sell Sucessfully, Maxima Neil Rackham, Rethinking the Sales Force, Huthwaite Research Group Robert Cialdini, Influence, University of Arizona Eric Gould, Negotiation Tactics Desmond Moriss, The Naked Ape Eric Berne, What You Say You Say Hello Effectively http://www.justell.com http://www.sales doctor.com http://www.huthwaite.com

Ce cours est proposé dans les diplômes suivants
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