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Management culturel II

• The industry continues to be vast, important, and growing segment of the industry worldwide. Students who learn the fundamentals of planning and control will likely increase their career opportunities. It is sincerely hoped that this course will play an important role in their personal and professional success. • The objective of this course is to provide the tools necessary to analyze and control the common accounting rules in the industry. To define the various types of costs and their significance for a specific event. To provide a better understanding of the financial statements and ratio. Define pricing and CVP analysis (cost volume profit analysis).

Temps présentiel : 21 heures

Charge de travail étudiant : 9 heures

Référence :
Cost Accounting-a managerial emphasis Charles T.Horngren 12th edition - Strategic Management Concepts and case. -Marketing international – Armstrong-Kotler - Cost Accounting Principles & Applications 7th edition

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