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Message from the Director

Welcome to the Higher Institute of Speech and Language Therapy at Saint Joseph University of Beirut!

Our mission is to offer highly qualified curriculum for Speech and Language Therapists, enabling them to deal with linguistic, cultural and environmental challenges. The Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) profession is vastly in need of clinicians who may foster research development throughout combining « art » and « science » for better clinical interventions. 

Our approach is student-centered, focusing on personalized mentoring. Our teaching is provided by qualified lecturers and experts from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds in Lebanon and across the world.

Our aim is to develop professional individuals in SLT, capable of using the best evidence-based practices, adapted to the multilingual and multicultural context and taking into consideration the ethical approach to language and communication disorders.

The Higher Institute of Speech and Language Therapy offers two SLT programs one in English (since 2019), and another in French (since 1995) with the aim of training creative and multilingual skilled professionals. Our undergraduate programs are composed of 240 credits ECTS, over a period of 8 semesters. The Undergraduate program is followed by a Master’s 2 degree program, composed of 60 credits provided by internationally recognized clinicians and researchers.

Furthermore, our students benefit from practicums and internships, with individualized mentoring, provided by our team of clinicians and faculty members. Students’ internships are conducted in collaboration with well-recognized experts, as well as health rehabilitation and educational centers. Moreover, the university clinics known as « Centres de diagnostic et de soins en orthophonie » in Beirut and Saida campuses, allow our students to complete their internships while providing well-grounded community services.

Our strong collaboration, with knowledgeable resources in the SLT field, centers, hospitals, schools as well as the Ministries of Education and Public Health provide our students with internship and employments opportunities.

The Higher Institute of Speech and Language Therapy has been a pioneer in the development of research in speech and language therapy in Lebanon. Our multiple international collaborations with professionals and researchers from various centers and research laboratories around the world, in France, Belgium, Finland, Canada, England, Cyprus, Germany, Sweden, etc., keep us growing and moving forward in research and scientific development. The projects conducted by our Master’s degree in SLT students are based on international lines of research, and are supervised by Lebanese and international referenced teachers in the field. We have thus developed the first oral language assessment tool for Lebanese bilingual children (ELO-L, Zebib et al., 2017) as well as several other tools for the assessment of communication, written language, and other oral language domains. We are still progressing forward and we are soon expecting new publications on research programs related to the effectiveness of interventions, prevention and interprofessional collaborations.

Our work at all levels has always been supported by the Rectorate of our university and the University Center for Ethics, whom we thank for their full confidence and continuous support. 

Our graduates are well prepared for their professional life, with the highest professional and human qualifications, allowing them to reach worldwide highly skilled and leadership positions in the fields of health and education.

Therefore, I invite you to discover our programs, our team, our services and our recent scientific contributions, which fully illustrate our specifications and our ways of making a difference in our context!

Have a good trip on board!