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Social Grants

Students' financial situation should not prevent them from achieving great things. The Department of Social Services provides them with all the support they need: a warm welcome, a listening ear and possible solutions to problems of financial nature, to personal problems or those encountered in the course of their studies.

The Department of Social Services offers students individual guidance while strictly respecting their privacy and the confidentiality of their interviews.

Some students plan the financing of their studies before their admission or registration. They can apply to find out about the possibilities of financial support and receive a response according to their family's particular situation.

Granted on all Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programs, the financial aid, is need-based, and takes into account the family's social criteria and resources.

Several types of financial aid are available:

Bank loans for which interests are covered by USJ

An education loan is granted according to the criteria of the Central Bank of Lebanon. The interest on the loan, amounting to approximately 4%, is fully covered by USJ until the end of the loan repayment. Repayment is spread over a period agreed upon with the Bank. The student benefits from a one-year grace period following the expected date of graduation.

Free tuition deferment

Usually, tuition is paid in four yearly installments. The student may ask to split the amount to be paid over 8 to 10 months, if his or her situation justifies it.

To schedule an appointment with the Department of Social Services, call +961 (1) 421196 -2 or e-mail

"I always dreamed of becoming a student at USJ, but that dream was met with a great deal of obstacles as I come from a family that counts on every penny to make a living. Nevertheless, I haven't given up on my dream and the Department of Social Services has helped me make it come true. Now, I am a student at USJ, class valedictorian, and I received a scholarship to pursue my education. I would like to thank the Department for supporting me both on a financial and personal level. Never give up on your dreams!"