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Merit Scholarships

USJ grants Lebanese Baccalaureate students living in Lebanon and French Baccalaureate students living in Lebanon or abroad full-merit and merit scholarships that respectively cover all tuition fees or a part of them for the required credits for their undergraduate degree.

    Lebanese Baccalaureate Scholarships
    Lebanese Baccalaureate – Regular Session (all four tracks)

    Scholarship National Rank Regional Rank
    100% 1st, 2nd 1st
    50% 3rd, 4th 2nd
    25% 5th 3rd

    French Baccalaureate Scholarships
    French Baccalaureate

    Scholarship All tracks
    75% Overall Score ≥ 19/20
    50% 18.0/20 ≤ OS < 19/20
    25% 17.5/20 ≤ OS < 18/20

N.B.: Lebanese Baccalaureate scholarships are to be suspended should the Baccalaureate be cancelled.

Important notes: The scholarships awarded to baccalaureate students cover, depending on the percentage, tuition fees for the required credits for their undergraduate degree (3 years). The application must be submitted within 30 days following the publication of the results of the Lebanese or French Baccalaureate. Applications must be submitted along with certified baccalaureate diploma and official transcripts. All documents (scans or photos) must be emailed to or sent, in copies, in a sealed envelope to the Office of the Rector – USJ Rectorate, Damascus Road, facing the French Institute.

Decisions on applications should be sent to applicants within 10 days of receipt.

The beneficiary of a full or partial scholarship must be ranked, at the end of the academic year, among the 15% top students in their year to benefit from the renewal of the scholarship for the following year.