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Scholarships for international students

In order to promote its international recognition, USJ has created a fund to finance the studies of international students and to promote international mobility. Depending on budget availability, this fund can also be used to help non-Lebanese PhD candidates in need of financial support.


Candidates for these scholarships should not have the Lebanese nationality. They must have:

  • Strong command of the French language
  • Finished their first cycle studies (bachelor’s degree): only master’s students are eligible.

The scholarship does not cover:

  • Any costs related to a placement test, interview or exam prior to admission
  • Visa fees
  • Flight to Lebanon
  • Residency permit

International exchange students cannot apply for this scholarship to cover their living expenses during their stay.


The scholarship covers:

  • Enrollment costs and university fees
  • A monthly stipend – for a maximum duration of 10 months – intended to cover living expenses
  • Civil accident liability, accident insurance and repatriation

Scholarships and extensions

Candidates are granted a scholarship based on their personal file, within the limit set by USJ, according to the criteria of priority within regions and academic excellence.
The scholarship is awarded for one academic year (two semesters) and is renewable based on academic results. The duration of the scholarship may not exceed the normal period of study of a master’s degree.


Students who are granted the scholarship must be registered full time and attend all the required courses. If they choose to attend courses that are not part of their chosen major, they will have to pay the subsequent fees.