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Professional certificate in dental implantology (Kingdom of Bahrain) (003FC44)

Objectif :
Students should be able to: Recognize various implant systems and understand their surgical and prosthetic aspects.Fully plan, assess and evaluate implantology cases.Achieve simple implant cases from surgical and prosthetic aspects. Properly anticipate and evaluate esthetic outcomes in implantology.Understand the rationale behind different bone grafting procedures.Grasp the various implant placement protocols.Manage complications in oral implantology.Be familiarized with all aspects of digital dentistry from planning to final rehabilitation.Understand the principles of prosthetics in implantology (biomechanics, transitional prosthesis, soft tissue management, occlusion…)..Understand the principles and different types of implant-loading protocols.

Contenu :
Introduction to implantology and implant systems
Implant macro- and microtopography
Soft tissue biology in implant dentistry
Pre-implant assessment and treatment plan
Anatomical risks in implant surgery
The SAC classification: pre-operative risk assessment
Implant primary stability : biological principles
Imaging techniques in implantology
Radiographic interpretation in implantology
Implant rehabilitation of Single edentulous patients
Implant rehabilitation of Partially edentulous patients
Implant rehabilitation of Fully edentulous patients
Post-operative and long term follow-up
Soft Tissue Management around Implants
Bone Substitutes in Oral implantology
Guided Bone Regeneration: Indication and Principles
Ridge Preservation: Indications and Technical variations
Maxillary Sinus: Anatomy and Physiology
Crestal Sinus Grafting Approach
Lateral Sinus Grafting Approach
Surgical augmentation procedures: Splitting - Onlay blocks
Intra-oral bone grafts
Parietal bone blocs: principles and clinical applications.
Complication management in oral implantology
Peri-implantitis: Etiology et Treatment
Timing of Implant Placement
Immediate Implant Placement
Introduction to guided surgery
Principles of implant planning and digital surgery
Full mouth Rehabilitation (All on 4 - All on 6)
Application of Digital Implant Guided Surgery
3D imaging software
Principle of biomechanics in implant prosthetics

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Campus des sciences médicales

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180.00 heures

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0 payables à la banque Audi ou au secrétariat de l'institution

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BASSIL Joseph (Emile)

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