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USJ is open to all social classes and wants each student to be able to pursue their education in the best possible conditions. In order to allow the largest number of students to enroll, the university is implementing a financial aid policy that takes into account several criteria: social, excellence, merit, sports and others.

In light of the aggravation of the economic situation that began a few years ago and the increase in the number of students having difficulties in paying their tuition, Pr. Salim Dacccache s.j., USJ’s Rector wished, with the approval of the University Council, to expand the financial aid. The budget increased from US$13M in 2012/13 to US$22M in 2018/19 and US$25M in 2019/2020, i.e. an increase of 100% in 8 years. This increase was largely funded by the University's development fund.

USJ, USJ Foundation, USJ Alumni Associations and other donors make it possible to sustain an outstanding program of financial aid.

Social grants $ 10,748,614
Bank loans for which interests are covered by USJ $   6,301,132
Merit scholarships $   1,686,550
Honor scholarshipse $      395,765
Athletic scholarships $      171,277
Work-Study $      376,362
Sibling discount for siblings enrolled at USJ $      728,887
Scholarships for dependents of USJ and HDF staff $   1,399,218
Loyalty grant $      102,000
Scholarships for international students $        90,500
Total $ 22,000,305


USJ allocates more than USD 25 million in financial aid to its students each year.

This represents 25% of USJ’s overall budget.

These grants have increased by
100% in 8 years.

46% of USJ students receive financial aid.

Awarded grants average 50% of the tuition fees.