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USJ North America Office

This office was launched in December 2019 and has the following duties:

It provides support to the University in its mission to broaden its international outreach.

It promotes the University's foothold in North America, but also serves as a liaison, centralizing and enhancing cooperation channels between USJ and its academic and social partners.

It coordinates USJ's initiatives regarding academic cooperation, scientific research, and development and contributes to their implementation.

Likewise, it works with the Federation of USJ Alumni Associations and the USJ Alumni Office to reach out to USJ Alumni and provides the necessary support for the establishment of new Alumni Chapters and the facilitation of existing ones.

It supports the Fondation USJ's projects with Alumni and friends of USJ in resource discovery and fundraising for the University's scholarship and capacity-building programs.

The Office assists USJ's young graduates in their integration into the American environment and guides the University's representatives on missions to the United States of America and Canada.



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Telephone : (832)360-6951
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