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Why your support matters

In these difficult times, our mission remains to keep music and culture alive despite any obstacle, as both are the cornerstone of Lebanese identity and spirit. While we are being deprived of many of our basic needs, and most of the local and international attention and aid focused on mere survival, we cannot let music, our lifeline, our source of joy and hope, be stripped away from us. Music is not a mere luxury and keeping it alive matters, because it not only saves our souls and sanity, but also provides work opportunities to an entire sector that could be erased if not properly cared for. Though the choir members themselves are volunteers, the costs, and charges of concert production—including equipment rental, technicians, workers, physical plant, musicians, artists and more—are significant and have become more and more difficult to accrue due to inflation and incrementally constricting circumstances.

Join our cultural resistance and be a part of keeping one of the most fundamental pillars that makes Lebanon the beautiful country we continue to dream of alive!

Your generosity will allow the USJ Choir to:

  • Produce top-caliber performances free of charge to the public.
  • Secure a sustainable future for decades to come.
  • Hire musicians and special instruments.
  • Purchase and rent necessary equipment.
  • Nurture young Lebanese talents and develop the musicians of the future through educational programs and masterclasses.
  • Safeguard the cultural and musical scene in Lebanon.
  • Collaborate with world-class Lebanese and international soloists.
  • Perform in the best halls locally and internationally.