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Christian Pierre MAKARY

Secrétaire général - Fédération des associations d'anciens de l'USJ

Professeur associé - DCD, DEA, PhD

Faculté de médecine dentaire (FMD)

(+961) 1 421 000 ext christian.makary@usj.edu.lb

Christian Makary a reçu son diplôme de Docteur en Chirurgie Dentaire de l’Université St Joseph de Beyrouth en 1993. Il est titulaire d’un Certificat d’Etudes Supérieures CES en chirurgie orale de l’Université Paris 7, d’un Diplôme Universitaire DU en implantologie de l’Université Bordeaux 2 et d’un Diplôme Universitaire DU en pathologie de la muqueuse buccale de l’Université Paris 5. Il est aussi titulaire d’un diplôme d’études approfondies DEA et d’un Doctorat en biologie de la bouche de l’Université St Joseph de Beyrouth.

Il est Professeur Associé et ancien chef du département de chirurgie orale de l’Université St Joseph de Beyrouth.

Depuis Mai 2019, il est Président de la Fédération des Associations des Anciens de l'USJ.

• Doctorat en biologie et materiaux du milieu buccal
• Doctorat d'université - Biologie de la bouche
• D.E.A - Biologie de la bouche
• Diplome Universitaire Pathologie de la muqueuse buccale
• Cerificat d'etudes superieures d'odontologie chirurgicale
• Diplome Universitaire Biomateriaux et systemes implantables
• Certificat d'etudes superieures Biologie de la bouche option antomo-physiologie
• Doctorat d'exercice - Chirurgie dentaire
• docteur en chirurgie dentaire

Médecine et Santé

Greffes sinusiennes et Biomatériaux

Surfaces implantaires
Implantation immédiate 
Mise en charge précoce et immédiate


 Clinical osseointegration of bone level implants with conical shape and textured surface with low primary stability. BALDI D, COLOMBO J, VERARDI S, REBAUDI A, REBAUDI F, MAKARY C.  Minerva stomatologica, 2020; 69(1), 8-13.

 Primary stability optimization by using fixtures with different thread depth according to bone density: a clinical prospective study on early loaded implants. MAKARY C, MENHALL A, ZAMMARIE C, LOMBARDI T, LEE S, STACCHI C, PARK K. B. Materials, 2019; 12(15), 2398.

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 Implant primary stability determined by Resonance Frequency Analysis: Correlation with insertion torque, histologic bone volume and torsional stability at 6 weeks. MAKARY C, REBAUDI A, SAMMARTINO G & NAAMAN N. Implant Dentistry 2012; 21(6):474-80

 Frictional keratoses on the facial attached gingiva are rare clinical findings and do not belong to the category of leukoplakia. Mignogna M, Fortuna G, Leuci S, Adamo D, Siano M, Makary C, Cafiero C. Journal of oral and maxillofacial Surgery  2011; 69 (5) : 1367-74.

 Implant failure associated with osteonecrosis of the jaw in a patient treated with bisphosphonates: case report. Makary C. Actualités cliniques et scientifiques (ACES) June 2008; 26 (2) pp 96-101.

 Nerve injuries in oral surgery: surgical risks and complications. Makary C. & Renouard F. Actualités cliniques et scientifiques (ACES) February 2003; 24 (1) pp 24-35.




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Minimal risk techniques in Sinus floor elevations

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Recent advances in sinus floor elevations

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Sinus Lift Procedures: Clinical, Radiographic and Histologic Advances

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Sinus floor elevation: A clinical, radiographic and histological overview.

Entretiens de Garancière  Paris – France  - Septembre 2014

2nd ICOI middle east congress Teheran Iran – Aout 2014

11emes Journées Odontologiques de la FMD – USJ  Beyrouth - Mai 2014.

ICOI world congress  - Istanbul – Turkey  October 2013

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Ultrasonic implant site preparation vs. drills: A 4 weeks clinical study comparing insertion torque, reverse torque and resonance frequency analysis.

Europpean Association of Osseointegration - EAO 2013  Dublin – Ireland  October 2013


Ultraosseointegration: Scientific rationale

Piezoelectric bone surgery 2nd international symposium  Florence – Italy  June 2013.


Implants and extraction sockets: An esthetic challenge

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Sinus lift procedures: A critical clinical review

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1st Eurasian Implant Direct symposium – Istanbul Turkey May 2010

4th Syrian annual implantology meeting – Damascus Syria – April 2010

6th SENAME and 1st CORTES international meeting - Marrakech - Marocco November 2009


Peak insertion torque correlated to clinically and histologically evaluated bone density: A clinical study.

EAO 2011 Athens – Greece  October 2011


Implant Primary Stability (RFA): Correlation with Insertion Torque, Bone Volume and osseointegration at 6 Weeks

EAO 2011  Athens – Greece  October 2011


Ultrasonic Implant Site Preparation v/s standard Drilling: A Human study on ISQ, RTA and MicroCT

Piezoelectric bone surgery 1st international symposium Lugano – Switzerland May 2011.


Implant placement into extraction socket: Guidelines for successful esthetics

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Esthetic guidelines in Oral Implantology

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Damascus – Syria October 2010


Extraction sockets: Esthetic challenge in oral implantology

Jeudis de la Faculte

St Joseph University Beirut -Lebanon January 2009


Implant and esthetics: Guidelines for success in the smile zone

5th SENAME and 3rd ESSOR international congress

Cairo – Egypt November 2008


Can we predict esthetic outcome in implantology.

8th French  Odontologic Meeting

St Joseph University Beirut -Lebanon June 2008


Flapless implant placement in the esthetic zone:

Technique evaluation and long term clinical  results

Oral presentation: Europerio 5 meeting

Madrid – Spain 30-6-2006


Surgical Guidelines for achieving predictable esthetics in implant dentistry

Oral presentation: North Lebanon dental association

Tripoli - Lebanon  June 2006


Is there any limitations for oral implantology ?

Oral presentation: Lebanese dental association 2nd spring congress

Zahleh – Lebanon 29-4-2006.


Esthetic considerations in immediate implantation

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Beirut – Lebanon 16-2-2006.


Esthetic and functional limitations in implant dentistry

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Tripoli – Lebanon 11-2-2006.


Implant placement in the posterior maxilla 

Oral presentation: Byblos dental association

Byblos – Lebanon 11-2-2006.


Flapless implant surgery: a tissue preserving technique for the esthetic zone

Oral presentation: ESOR-ICOI advanced clinical implantology symposium

Cairo – Egypt 12-13 may 2005.


Enhancing implant success rate in the posterior maxilla

Oral presentation: Beirut International Dental Meeting 2004 – Beirut Lebanon.


Treatment plan in implant dentistry: from first patient’s visit to final prosthetic rehabilitation

Limited Attendance Seminar: Beirut International Dental Meeting 2004 – Beirut Lebanon.


Limits of bone expansion during implant placement.

Poster: Europerio 4

Berlin - Germany may 2003.


Nerve injuries in mandibular surgery.

Oral presentation: 7th French  Odontologic Meeting

St Joseph University Beirut -Lebanon June 2003


Third molar surgical extraction: preventing nervous injuries

Oral presentation: North Lebanon dental association -Tripoli-Lebanon March 2003.


Treatment Plan in Implantology.

Oral presentation: North Lebanon dental association - Tripoli-Lebanon January 2003.


Flapless implant surgery to enhance esthetic outcome.

Poster: International college of Oral Implantology (ICOI) meeting

Budapest - Hungary  September 2002.


Maxillary sinus & oral implants: New perspectives

Oral presentation: North Lebanon dental association meeting

Tripoli -Lebanon June 2002.


Extrusion of an impacted mandibular premolar after surgical exposure.

Poster: Mediterranean association of pediatric dentistry meeting

Khamsa - Tunisia may 2002.


Bone graft & sinus lift procedures in implantology

Oral presentation: 6th French  Odontologic Meeting

St Joseph University Beirut -Lebanon June 2001


Is oral lichen planus a precancerous lesion ?

Oral presentation: 5th French dermatology symposium

St Joseph University Beirut -Lebanon  June 2001


Bone reconstruction  in oral implantology

Poster: 5th French Odontologic Meeting 

St Joseph University.  Beirut -Lebanon June 1999.


Mandibular cysts and lip paresthesia.

Oral presentation: North Lebanon Dental association.  Tripoli - Lebanon  May 1999.


Oral implantology: surgical and prosthetic aspects.

Oral presentation: North Lebanon Dental Association.   Tripoli - Lebanon  April 1999


Nervous complications of mandibular surgery.

Oral presentation: Lebanese dental association meeting    

Beirut Arab University.   Beirut - Lebanon September 1997.


Nervous injuries in implant surgery.

Oral presentation: Annual national meeting of the French society of biomaterials and implanted systems.  Paris France - November 1994.