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Master en droit de l'homme et démocratisation

Crédits et Tarifs

Responsable pédagogique : Jihad Nammour

Nombre de semestres : au moins 2 semestre s

Langue(s) d'enseignement : Anglais


The programme offers two tracks depending on the student’s academic background.

One-Year Track:  Candidates should hold a first  year master’s degree (M1 or its equivalence) in social sciences.

Two-Year track: Candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree.

Proficiency in English is a requirement for both tracks.

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Registration to our specialised courses in Democratic Governance and Human Rights is restricted to fulltime students admitted through one of the programme’s regular calls for application. For exchange students, only candidates from Arab partner universities, the Global Campus of Human Rights and the Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA) may apply to register to some of our courses



Public Sector: Local administrations and National public services. Diplomacy and Inter-Governmental Organisations.

Third Sector: National, Regional and International Non-Governmental Organisations.

Research in Academic institutions and Think Tanks

Informations Supplémentaires

A unique interdisciplinary programme that includes research-oriented courses grounded in theory while developing practical and critical skills. It offers an international environment with lecturers and students from over 15 countries, and it includes a semester in a partner university across the region: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, and Palestine (for Europeans and Americans).

The curriculum covers 80 to 120 credits, depending on the academic background of the student and the chosen track. Over 25 courses and 50 seminars are given by researchers, experts and practitioners from across the Arab region and Europe. These courses and seminars are divided into four thematic streams:

  • Human Rights: Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
  • Democratic Governance and the Rule of Law
  • Political, Social and Intellectual dynamics in the Arab World
  • Applied Human Rights: Research and Professional Skills

Our courses include specialised seminars, field visits, a field research, a Human Rights Laboratory, the Development of a Human Rights project and an internship programme in a Human Rights organisation.

For candidates interested in the one-year track, you should hold a degree in social science and 240 European credits, 60 of which are considered as post-graduate (Master’s degree, or one academic year of post-graduate studies or its equivalent). For candidates interested in the full two-year programme, you should hold a bachelor’s degree.