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Maria Arbane

Economics student

Ms. Roula Ghostine After graduating from a French-speaking school, studying economics at USJ was a no brainer. I come from a rather conservative community, and I was curious to join an academic institution that promotes cultural pluralism.

With determination and ambition to study economics, I contacted the Department of Social Services to apply for an academic scholarship.

Thanks to the two scholarships offered by LIFE and by Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Roula Ghostine, I was able to continue my education with motivation and perseverance.

I am very grateful for this experience which has allowed me to acquire new skills, to broaden my mind and to further develop my future career in the professional world.

After three years of living and learning at USJ, I feel a strong sense of belonging to the USJ community which has given me the means to grow and make my dreams come true. This sense of belonging gives me the courage to offer to future generations what USJ has offered me, hoping that one day I will come back to share all the values of this community: civic commitment, freedom, autonomy, and collaboration.

I want to thank the donors for easing my financial burden and allowing me to focus more on the most important aspects of university life: engagement and learning. Their generosity has inspired me to help future students achieve their goals.