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THE Fondation USJ / Governance / Governance Council

Goals and Organization

The Fondation USJ has had a 16-member Governance Council since its founding, elected once every four years. Any member may serve more than one term on the Council.

1. The Rector, ex officio President and Director of the Fondation USJ, is a member.
2. Its members are appointed by the Rector of the University and shall sign a declaration of commitment to their mandate.
3. The Council meets at least twice during the academic year upon invitation of its President or upon request of 8 of its members.
4. The Council at its first meeting shall elect a Vice-President and a Secretary.

The duties of the Vice-President are as follows:
a) prepare the agenda for meetings with the President and the Fondation USJ management,
b) conduct Council meetings,
c) act on behalf of the President and the Fondation USJ in matters assigned to them by the President.

The Secretary shall perform the following duties:
a) convene members of the Fondation USJ to each meeting,
b) assist in keeping the minutes of each meeting,
c) act as a liaison between members of the Governance Council.

The Governance Council has authority under the following two sections:

Section 1
1. Provides strategic guidance to the Fondation USJ based on the needs of the University and its Hospital.
2. Provides financial control and management of the Fondation USJ accounts.
3. Verifies the final destination of the allocated funds and their proper use for the various programs of the University, in accordance with the rules of transparency

Section 2
1. Recommends or advises on fundraising campaigns or activities.
2. Assists in the promotion of fundraising campaigns and projects launched by the Fondation USJ through appropriate means and contacts.
3. Reviews and approves the annual report of the Fondation USJ activities.

Members of the Governance Council:

Pr Salim Daccache s.j.
Rector of USJ and President of the Fondation USJ

Mrs. Cynthia-Maria Ghobril Andrea
Director of the Fondation USJ

Mrs. Roula Ghostine
Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economical Sciences at USJ

Dr. Fouad Zmokhol
Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Management and President of RDCL World

Dr. Christian Makary
President of the Federation of USJ Alumni Associations

Mrs. Carmel Ghafari Wakim
Former Secretary-General of the Fondation USJ

President Chucri Sader
Former President of the Federation of USJ Alumni Associations

Dr. Lina Oueidat
Advisor to the Prime Minister on ICT & Cyber Security Focal Point

Dr. Victor Jebara
Member of the HDF Board of Directors / Vice-President of Heartbeat

Dr. David Atallah
OB-GYN, Hôtel-Dieu de France Hospital

Mr. Youssef Dib
General Manager / Head of Private and Investment Banking at Saradar Group

Mr. Maroun Chammas
Chairman & CEO of Berytech

Mr. Roger Nasnas
President of AXA Middle East

Mr. Antoine Wakim
Member of the HDF Board of Directors / Secretary-General of the Maronite League

Mrs. Dany Baz
Director of Bankdata

Mr. Nabil Gemayel
Chairman and General Manager of Gemayel Freres S.A.L.

Mr. Joseph El Fadl
Former Managing Partner at Deloitte

Mr. Yves Choueifaty
President of Tobam

M. Naji Boulos
Consultant Marketing et Communication

M. Nassib Nasr
Directeur Général de l’Hôpital Hôtel-Dieu de France (HDF)

M. Fadi Geara
Vice-Recteur à l’Administration