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Today, fundraising has become highly standardized in American Universities to such an extent that we now speak of “Advancement”. It means combining fundraising, communication, marketing, USJ Institutions and alumni relations in a single effort. This is what we aim to achieve within USJ.

Our Mission

“The Saint Joseph University Foundation” (USJ Foundation) is the main body of the University that can solicit and receive the support of its Alumni, Friends, and any person or institution wishing to support USJ’s academic and socio-cultural mission, as well as the medical, teaching, and humanitarian mission of its university hospital center, the Hôtel-Dieu de France. Through the USJ Foundation which acts as a Special Unit belonging to the departments of the University and directly dependent of the Rector, it is possible to contribute to the University through donations and bequests to support the implementation of independent or complementary projects with various purposes. The USJ Foundation is the backbone of the University’s major projects and is committed to meet the needs of the University and its students. The Foundation is a real intangible asset to the University. It allows the University to establish partnerships with potential donors and companies, to support the development and influence of USJ and to build on its Alumni network.

Our Goals

  1. Support for students in difficult financial circumstances,
  2. Meet the expectations of the Institutions, by supporting the development of infrastructures and equipment of the University and HDF, the University hospital.
  3. Support research,
  4. Encourage entrepreneurship among students,
  5. and mainly develop the philanthropic culture at USJ by making the USJ Community aware of the pleasure of “giving”: giving time, giving money, giving out contacts and personal relationships...

Why help USJ?

USJ relies heavily on tuition fees paid by students. Committed to the values of solidarity and excellence, and in order for it to pursue and accomplish its mission, it needs the support it seeks from its Alumni, Friends, partners and anyone who is interested in helping to provide quality education. It must constantly feed its Student Financial Aid Scholarship Fund and continue to develop as a University that provides excellent teaching.

Accordingly, it is possible to:

  • • Support Chairs, such as those of the Francophonie, inter-religious dialogue, road safety, continental law, etc.
  • • Establish Scholarship Funds
  • • Grant scholarships to students. More than 2,900 students benefit from them annually with a budget that exceeds $15 million.
  • • Establish funds
  • • Fund research projects and scientific equipment
  • • Assist in the development of new infrastructures (buildings, laboratories, cafeterias, student housing)
  • • Support projects of the University Hospital Center Hotel-Dieu de France in the fields of social solidarity, equipment and infrastructure.

Donations are fully optimized

USJ is committed to sustainability and guarantees the seriousness and durability of the projects undertaken under its aegis.

By its structure, the University also benefits from a major asset: no matter the nature or value of the donation or bequest (cash, deeds, paintings, furniture, real estate, scholarship funds, naming ...), it has the human and technical resources to optimize the use of each of these donations, the most important being commitment and generosity.

A guarantee of fair use and transparency

The University will always honor the donor’s will in the proper use of what is given or bequeathed and be accountable for what has been achieved.

A triple guarantee

  1. A committee appointed by the Rector, with an advisory function, made up of representatives of the Federation of Alumni Associations of USJ, members of the academic and economic administration of USJ, the director of the Foundation and Friends of the Alma Mater, under the guidance of the Rector, diligently monitors the various activities and outcomes of the Foundation.
  2. The Internal Audit Department ensures the proper implementation of the University’s internal regulations.
  3. Every year, external auditors verify the proper use of donated or bequeathed assets and the official audit of the University’s accounts ensures that the University’s assets are properly allocated.

Thus, a detailed report will be communicated to the donors and to whomever is rightfully entitled at the end of each fiscal year.

The support of all and the recognition of the University

As a private person, a company or a legal entity, everyone can help the University through its Foundation to maintain its level of excellence. The support of all is crucial.

Whether publicly or privately, in respect of the will of each, the "USJ Foundation" would like to express its gratitude to all those who support and will support USJ: their contribution symbolizes their deep attachment to the University, its values, its projects and its future.


Cynthia-Maria Ghobril Andrea
Director – USJ Foundation
Téléphone : +961.1.421.105
Courriel :,
P.O. Box 17-5208 Mar Mikhael, Beirut 1104 2020 – Lebanon