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Mr. Fouad Zmokhol

Dean of the USJ Business School
President of the Lebanese Business Leaders Association (RDCL World)
Donation to USJ’s university hospital, Hôtel-Dieu de France

Ms. Roula Ghostine As President of RDCL World, I firmly believe that it is our duty to give back to our society, to which we owe a large part of our professional success, what it has offered us. Hence our decision to contribute to the USJ-HDF Infrastructure and Equipment Program for the fight against Covid-19 in Lebanon, by donating 2,000 universal transport media for nasopharyngeal swabs and 100 personal protective equipment (PPE), for the use of the HDF team and the Rodolphe Mérieux Lebanon Laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut.

It is true that we devote most of our time and investments to our companies, to persevere, develop, diversify, and grow; but it is also our priority to dedicate a small part of these assets to support programs for transparent institutions and missions with outstanding governance such as HDF and Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratories. Helping these two institutions is much more than a monetary investment, but a source of energy, dynamization and motivation to pursue our path with joy and fulfillment. Feeling that we are wholeheartedly serving our country and helping our people offers us an unparalleled return on investment and invaluable personal satisfaction on all levels.

Honored by my recent appointment as Dean of the USJ Business School, I humbly perceive this new challenge as a message, a mission, a passion and above all a direct and indirect participation in restructuring our country, through our young people and with education as the central pillar for a productive and effective “E-volution.” Within this reconstruction site, it is crucial and vital that each and every one of us gives all that we can to make a difference, dedicating part of our assets, with the common goal of creating productive synergies with all these ingredients with multiple potentials.

Each one of us can and must make a difference, any investment or support, however small, can be vital in this battle for survival; while being aware, convinced and motivated that through the different forms of contribution, we are actively participating and writing together a new part of our history and, above all, protecting, hand in hand, our roots and our culture.