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Decision making in business

This course aims to integrate in its approach the management concepts acquired at the postgraduate level. It allows the student to experience through a series of decisions the implementation of concepts such as shareholders return on equity, to understand the cost structures and their implications on pricing strategies and other market related strategies taking into account the company structure and internal organization. This approach is based on a company simulation -Serious Games (Global Challenge – Cesim) allowing the practice of the company decisions over many years. This decision making process allows the student to understand and to evaluate the complexities of the management processes subject to internal and external factors and forces. The simulation also gives the student the chance to challenge his/her human skills in decision making processes, in team work, in negotiation skills and leadership agility.

Temps présentiel : 35 heures

Charge de travail étudiant : 70 heures

Méthode(s) d'évaluation : Encadrement de projet moyen, Exposés de groupe, Jeux de rôle, Méthode active, Projets, Simulations de cas, Suivi du projet

Référence :
This implementation is done through a business simulation: Global Challenge - Cesim business simulations.