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Course content: Negotiation is the key to business success! By attending this course, we aims to improve the students analysis of any negotiation situation they might confront, help them acquiring a better understanding of the main negotiation strategies and processes whilst considering the ethical and relationship aspect, and finally clearly define their negotiation goals to be able to drive the business into profitable contracts. The course offers various tactics on the preparation work and the applicable techniques relevant to a chosen strategy. The course also briefly introduces the role and types of third-party intervention for negotiations and conflict resolution. Finally, it addresses issues related to cross-cultural negotiations, as workforce diversification and globalization of organizations have made these increasingly important.

Temps présentiel : 35 heures

Charge de travail étudiant : 70 heures

Méthode(s) d'évaluation : Examen final, Travaux pratiques contrôlés, Atelier pratique, Apprentissage par problème

Référence :
Lewicki, R.J., Barry, B. & Saunders, D.M. (2016). Essentials of Negotiation, McGraw Hill, New York. Getting to Yes – Negotiating an Agreement without giving in. Fischer & Ury Thomson, L. (2012). The Heart & Mind of the Negotiator, Pearson, New Jersey. Khan, M.A. & Ebner, N. (2019). The Palgrave Handbook of Cross-Cultural Business Negotiation, Springer, Switzerland. Harvard Law School / importance of negotiation

Ce cours est proposé dans les diplômes suivants
 Master en gestion et management - option : management