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World Recycling day

18 March 2022

On Global Recycling day, we highlight the urgent need for a circular economy and a shift to Zero Waste and E-waste amounts!

The Chair of Fondation Diane CEEDD launched the “USJ Verte” project since November 10, 2017.

Our mission was to raise awareness among USJ students, teachers and staff on principles and issues of eco-citizenship and sustainable development in their different pillars. Therefore, we launched the waste sorting campaign at USJ campuses. 700 bins were distributed over all USJ campuses.

Also, "Fondation Diane" truck collects sorted and clean waste until it arrives at the appropriate recycling plants.

Together, we can combat this growing Environmental and Humanitarian crisis by starting with small acts like the use of 3Rs : Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. ♻️