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EC² has the mission of educating students about the usefulness of the entrepreneurial experience.

To have an entrepreneurial experience reveals an aspect of your personality that could serve you in the end whether you become an entrepreneur or seek employment.

In effect, the identity aspiration to be an entrepreneur- even if unrealized- shows a high sense of self-aiming at who you want to be.

Develop the entrepreneurial mindset

The objective is to encourage the aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace creativity, critical thinking, imagination, risk-taking and the experimentation with new ideas and transformative approaches.

Develop transversal skills

Various skills are needed to become a successful entrepreneur. An innovative idea is essential but not sufficient. A feasibility study, business plan and market study are necessary too.

However, soft skills are just as important because they allow you to share ideas, connect with clients, partners, and customers. For instance, leadership is about motivating others but it also about understanding your team so you can direct them in the best way. Teamwork is essential; an entrepreneur should lead the team and be part of it too.

Help build the student's professional project

EC² aims at providing students and young graduates with skills needed to successfully transform high-potential projects and ideas into reality.