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Georges AOUN

Faculté de gestion et de management (FGM)

professeur - PhD

(+961) 1 421 000 ext 4421 georges.aoun@usj.edu.lb

Professeur Marketing

Domaine d’expertise

• Économie; Gestion; Banque; Assurances

Thématiques de recherche

ICT in Organizations and Society


    ● Cutting edge Technologies for the Development of Asian countries, Journal of Asia Business Studies (co-author with Harfouche A, Di Marco M, Bou Saba P) Emerald (Feb. 2022) DOI (10.1108/JABS-02-2022-0049) (Scopus)

      Product customization by innovative entrepreneurs, (co-author with Boustani N. and Boustani Z.)  Lecture notes in Information Systems and Organization—LNISO, Springer (2021)


-● Fighting Covid-19 in a Multi-Crisis Context: Case of Lebanon (co-author with Barakat K.), Community, the Economy, and COVID-19: Lessons from Multi-Country Analyses of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic,  Springer (2022)              DOI https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-98152-5_14

     ● Organizational Change and ERP Implementation: the case of a university hospital,(co-author with  RASSI R.) Lecture notes in Information Systems and Organization—LNISO, Springer (2021). 


   ● Does the Political Candidate’s Quality Lead to Satisfaction? Transposition of the SERVQUAL Model to Politics (VOTQUAL): Case of the Loyal Lebanese Voter, (co-author with Walid Abou Khalil), Journal of Political Marketing, Francis & Taylor, February 2020 (ABDC list & scopus)


     ● Transformational process of the implementation of an Information System dispositive in an organization, (co-author with HARFOUCHE A. & ARIDA J.)  Lecture notes in Information system and Organization, ICT for an inclusive world, volume 35, January 2020, pp 453-466 (scopus)   


     ● Motivation of the Sharing Economy users in the Middle East: The Case of Lebanon, (co-author with Leonel Matar) Journal of Internet and e-Business studies, Volume 2019, January 2019 Proquest


         The Challenges and Opportunities of the Sharing Economy: The Case of a Developing Economy, (co-author with Leonel Matar) Journal of Business and Economics, Volume 9, Number 2, February 2018


         Congruence in advertising, how can communication deal with cultural diversity? The case of HSBC    campaign, (Co-author with Josep Luis Del Olmo and Stephane Bourliataux-Lajoinie) Cahiers de recherche    du Vallorem, Tours 2016


          L’entreprise face aux défis de la responsabilité sociale et de la diversité, (Co-author with Carole Verne) Génération marketing et sciences de gestion, Economica, 2016, pages 152-160


          L’influence des facteurs culturels sur le marketing international, (Co-author with Carole Verne) le professeur de management à 360˚, Vuibert, 2015, pages 65-71 (Label FNEGE)


           Managing diversity in the workplace (Co-author with Tony Gibeily), Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Review, Volume 5 issue 1, 2013

Recent Presentations in Conferences

● Reasons for the intensive exchange on social media: the case of a small country, From closed to open innovation a game changer for value, MENACIS 2020, Casablanca 2020

     ● Social Media and the Theory of Social Exchange” Proceedings of the 34th International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA), 13-14 November 2019, Madrid, Spain, p. 4328

     ● Understanding Consumer Use of Search and Meta-search Engine as Decision Aids, The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business and Society, ICTO 2019, Lille October 2019

         Information Asymmetry in the Age of Big Data Analytics, Cognitive Analytics Management Conference 2018, American University of Beirut, November 2018.

         The Peril and Promise of Peace Marketing: Perspectives from Lebanon, 43rd Annual Macromarketing Conference, Leipzig, Germany, July 2018

          Marketing to end war and sustain peace, American Marketing Association Innovation & sustainability in Marketing, San Fransisco, August 2017

          The challenges and opportunities of the sharing economy, Sharing for a sustainable world, Université de Namur, Belgique, July 2017

Marketing operationnel

Strategic and international marketing
Dynamique des organisations
Management des operations
Business research

• Chevalier dans l'ordre des palmes academiques
• Medaille de merite de l'Universite
• Membre de l'Academie des sciences commerciales