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Dr. Georges Bou Ezzi

Founder - Pleasant Dental Center
Infrastructure and equipment

Dr. Georges Bou EzziThe main reason for my choice is that USJ is my Alma Mater, I owe my life, my work and my success to it. That’s why I give to USJ. I have a sense of commitment to this university.

Everyone must be committed to education, and to fulfill that commitment we should start with our home. USJ was my home and that’s where I started my journey.

Let me give you a small example: One night, I was having dinner with my colleagues and friends, Gaby Massa, Carole Chakar; Professor Naaman, then Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, was present. I was talking about the University, USJ, my alma mater and I could feel how proud Professor Naaman was to see that after all these years, I still felt committed to USJ. I belong to this university.

. I studied there during the war and at that time, USJ was unique. USJ honored its commitment to me as a student; I had to go to different places to take my courses, they were held in Zouk, at St. Michel school and elsewhere. The University made an effort to continue providing courses despite the situation.

At that time, we were young students, we were unaware of the situation; but now, as I look back, I can tell you that USJ did every possible thing to give the students a sense of belonging, not only to USJ, but to the country in general. For the University to exist and prosper, it needs facilities. By donating to USJ, I am returning or reimbursing what USJ has given me. I will forever be indebted to USJ, my Alma Mater.