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AAC: Intervention in speech and language therapy

This TU is part of part of the Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy, in semester 5. It is mandatory. It allows students: -To acquire knowledge about the SLP’s role in AAC intervention team -To be able to choose and develop an AAC system suitable to the user’s needs -To be able to develop intervention plans suitable to the individual’s needs -To acquire information about AAC intervention in different pathologies and disabilities This TU contributes to the development of the following competencies : -Clinical approach : conduct appropriate interventions in the AAC field -Collaboration : collaborate with different stakeholders in order to establish appropriate intervention adapted to the context, and suited to each individual. -Communication : Provide health professionals, parents and patient’s environment with information about the specificities of the disorders encountered and their impact on the individual’s life, for prevention and screening purposes.

Temps présentiel : 7.5 heures

Charge de travail étudiant : 20 heures

Méthode(s) d'évaluation : Examen final

Référence :
-Ball, L. J., & Stading, K. L. (2006, November). Functional communication strategies for chil- dren with apraxia of speech. Seminar presentation at the annual convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Miami, FL. -Bean, A., Cargill, L. P., & Lyle, S. (2019). Framework for selecting vocabulary for preliterate children who use augmentative and alternative communication. American journal of speech-language pathology, 28(3), 1000-1009. -Beukelman, D. R., & Light, J. (2020). Augmentative and alternative communication. 5th edition. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes -Blackstone, S., Light, J., Beukelman, D., & Shane, H. (2004). Visual scene displays. Augmentative Communication News, 16(2), 1-16 -Brady, N. C., Bruce, S., Goldman, A., Erickson, K., Mineo, B., Ogletree, B. T., ... & Wilkinson, K. (2016). Communication services and supports for individuals with severe disabilities: Guidance for assessment and intervention. American journal on intellectual and developmental disabilities, 121(2), 121-138. -Collier, B., & Diamanti, T. (2007, March). What we know for sure: Fostering self-advocacy in youth who use AAC. Keynote address at the annual conference of the United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Los Angeles, CA.

Les prérequis de ce cours sont les suivants
 Augmentative and alternative Communication : Theoretical issues and assessment in SLT
Ce cours est proposé dans les diplômes suivants
 Bachelor in speech and language therapy