The Mental Health of the Lebanese Population

Jeudi 13 mai 2021

There is a kind of collective depression, people have reached the end of their capacity for tolerance because it lasted a long time and it became more and more intense with all the problems that accumulate: the revolution of October 17, The Covid-19, the financial, economic and political problems and on top of that, the explosion of August 4 which created other traumas.


This is beyond what a human being can take and yet people have to handle even if it’s a staggering challenge. So, people have to be there for others, listen to them, and reassure them by saying that this is a reaction that everyone is experiencing, and by saying that they can be helped by showing the importance of solidarity. 


It is in fact this element of solidarity which we did not even know because we are sufficiently coded to be individualists, as an incapable defense mechanism that can reconcile humanity to which we have been able to testify since the arrival of this crisis. Nowadays, people try to save their skin and to protect themselves in their own cocoon because they are never safe from anything and especially since the future is always uncertain. So, the citizens have built up a kind of individualism that maybe they don't have at the core, as proof that they fall into the water very quickly when others need help.


In situations like these, there are people who are more fragile than others, and others who are stronger in the face of hardship. But today, everyone is vulnerable and there are of course people who by their personal stories, and by their environment will be more vulnerable and more fragile. And this is when it really occurs the decompensation in the form of anxiety. And for that, the anxious people must do things that they like to help; like sports, relaxation, mediation ... Indeed, sport is a way of releasing stress through the body, to better cope with problems and the individual needs a body that holds up and therefore it must be maintained.


In addition, a growing anxiety among most Lebanese Society today appears to be blatant, disproportionate, and more rational and also to seek what pleases, which is becoming increasingly difficult to define, citizens have the impression of detaching themselves a little from everything and that greater things make them happy - moreover that few things become inaccessible. 


What is important is that people try to return to nature, since it’s allowed, that it feels good and it costs nothing to relax in this beautiful Lebanese nature, it is a way of to please because the city is becoming so stressful that people need to escape to nature.


Therefore, the population now needs supportive help in the first place, and not therapeutic help since the situation is still relevant since it’s also a continuous trauma, especially the explosion of August 5 still has not release the pain and is still very new to be digested. The explosion was resolved since it was a very intense trauma, because there were no repairs, and because there was not enough time to let it heal.