Lebanon Water Project (LWP) - A Digital Approach

February 2021

A Digital Approach: A Series of Scientific Videos and Posters

In view of the confinement of 2020 and in order to reach our objective, the project was directed towards a digital approach. The project consists in the creation of a series of videos of 2 to 3 minutes around 8 water-related topics.

The themes are as follows:

  • Water metering
  • Water conservation for irrigation
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Water facilities
  • Industrial water management
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Citizens’ role in water management
  • Water cycles

This series was published on social networks and on the Chair’s website and was accompanied by an awareness campaign consisting of 9 scientific posters, online publications and quizzes.

The CEEDD Chair also followed a different approach to disseminate the awareness-raising tools, including the educational videos and scientific posters, to schools. These tools created, developed and tailored by field experts and under the supervision of the Chair and LWP teams were distributed electronically to schools in order to raise awareness and encourage student involvement and commitment. This approach is essential and serves as a sustainable learning resource for students across generations. Moreover, all posters have been translated into Arabic to help spread the word to public schools, water institutions in Lebanon, and relevant ministries and municipalities.