New University Diplomas Offered by FSEDU

A collaboration between USJ, the French Embassy in Lebanon and the University Toulouse-Jean-Jaurès
Monday, July 12, 2021

The Faculty of Educational Sciences (FSEDU) celebrated the success of its graduates in “Distance Education Engineering” and “Neuroeducation” during the graduation ceremony held on Monday, July 12 at the Campus of Humanities.

FSEDU, in partnership with the Pole of Linguistic and Educational Cooperation (CLE) of the French Institute of Lebanon (IFL) and the National Higher Institute of Teaching and Education (INSPE) of the Jean-Jaurès University of Toulouse (UT2J), has offered to the LabelFrancEducation network a University Diploma (DU) in “Distance Education Engineering” and another one in “Neuroeducation”. The first, launched on February 13, 2021, is designed to meet the challenges that the lockdown imposed on the education system. It aims to strengthen the pedagogical and computer skills of teachers in the area of distance teaching-learning. The second is intended to help teachers cope efficiently with the shift in education paradigm they had to undergo in the last months. It was set up because cognitive neuroscience has been influencing the world of education for some years now. This diploma enables teachers to develop skills in educational neuroscience, in engineering and developing teaching-learning situations, as well as in the integration of students with special educational needs.

It should be noted that the teaching units that constitute the two DUs were taught by Lebanese and French teachers and that the two programs were entirely funded by FSEDU and by the French Institute of Lebanon.