Awards Ceremony to Honor FGM Corporate Strategic Partners

Monday, October 4, 2021

“Our real national resources are not in the BLOC 4 or 9 buried down the sea but are in the BLOC C of our Faculty of Business and Management just behind me ”, Dean Pr. Fouad Zmokhol.

It is with those proud words that the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management (FGM), Pr. Fouad Zmokhol, with the presence of the Rector of Saint Joseph University Reverend Father, Professor Salim Daccache, has inaugurated in his speech, an awards ceremony at our Campus of Social Sciences, on October 4, 2021 to thank and honor our faithful business partners that are still present, by our sides, despite the challenging times our country is passing through.

Indeed, more than 30 of the most esteemed companies in Lebanon attended the ceremony during which they have been delivered a symbolic trophy to celebrate the success and perseverance in these difficult times, but also, to thanking them for their support and commitment towards our youth; offering them internships and jobs, allowing them to apply their knowledge, acquire professional skills, coach them, lead them and above all, giving them the chance to experience the real management in times of crisis with professionals of their caliber.

In return, all the representatives of the companies expressed their extraordinary enthusiasm and faith in our youth of tomorrow. They also wanted to communicate the positive vibes that our faculty’s students spread among their staff while present at their premises. Finally, this all stressed their sincere willingness to strengthen and develop this partnership and synergy with our faculty of Business and Management.

It is on this emotional note that Pr. Fouad Zmokhol also rewarded Pr. May Sayegh, Training coordinator, and Dr. Layal Bou Antoun, FGM committee’s coordinator, for their dedication to the faculty and ended the ceremony hoping it will open the path for more fruitful events, resulting from productive relationships and hard-working professionals.

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