Mindfulness Conference

Saturday October 23, 2021

The Professional Training Center of Saint Joseph University of Beirut (CFP) and the Lebanese Mindfulness Association (LMA) organized the Mindfulness Conference on Saturday October 23rd, 2021, at Glubenkian Theatre Beirut- Campus of Social Sciences.

The conference was distinguished by the presence of the keynote speaker Professor Rebecca Crane who shared with the audience the UK experience in establishing and developing Mindfulness.

Mr. Daoud Matta, President of the Lebanese Mindfulness Association (LMA) touched in his speech the importance of Mindfulness for universities and staff and the guided Mindfulness meditation as well.

The importance of Lifelong learning for mental health and productivity and launching the Mindfulness training program and the Mindfulness Club of USJ were the core of the subject of the Delegate of the Rector of Saint Joseph University for Professional Development and Director of the Professional Training Center of USJ, Pr. Fadi El Hage, who shed the light on the link between continuing education and mindfulness for mental health and employee’s productivity.