EMT Network meeting and Colloquium

October 2021

The University of Leipzig took up the challenge to organize the first hybrid EMT meeting in October 2021. Two days were dedicated to discuss key topics for future oriented teaching, including accessibility, transfer in teaching and the new ‘normal’ of digital teaching.


Many presentations dealt with different new teaching approaches. Rudy Loock from the University of Lille explained the pedagogical and promotional benefits of running a blog about a study programme. Tinka Reichmann from Leipzig University talked about Service Learning in Translator Training focusing on the importance for students to learn from social engagement. Sandra Ribeiro from the Polytechnic Institute of Porto shared her experience with project-based learning that contributes positively to the professional competences. Patrick Cadwell from the Dublin City University highlighted the usefulness of specialized training on translation in crisis settings. Fabien Freudenreich from ITIRI Strasbourg shared his experience with a custom-made server for teaching and fostering collaboration whereas Soňa Hodáková, from the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra focused on the psychological aspects of distance teaching.


The EMT meeting organized a language and translation related event back-to-back with the EMT network meeting: the language of Europe which highlighted the need for translation in Europe’s multilingual societies. Guests from the language industry, the associative and the cultural sectors illustrated how they complement the academic translator training at the Institute for Applied Linguistics and Translation (IALT) of the University of Leipzig.


Mary Yazbeck

Head of the Translation Department