Virtual Classes with the EU

Décembre 2021

When I first learned that we would be meeting with UNOV and the DG LINC European Parliament interpreters again this year, I was terrified because our previous session with them did not go very well, despite the fact that we were given the themes ahead of time to prepare. This year, however, we were not given any specific themes to prepare for. We've just stepped into the unknown.

Each one of us had to do a consecutive interpretation in our B language, while Renata and Rita also had to do one in their mother tongue, Arabic. Even though the same assessors were present this year, we were honored to also have other interpreters from the Parliament with us. Everyone was so nice to us. The introduction went well at first, and then the serious part began.

The assessors provided positive and negative feedback after each interpretation exercise. Their feedback helped us get back on track. Everything went smoothly. I learned a lot from native English speakers, including new techniques to help me improve my interpretation. I hope that one day we will be as good as they are at interpreting!

Perla EL Khawand

M3- Interprétation