Erasmus+ student mobility scholarships to UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI CAGLIARI - Italy

Call for application open till November 21

USJ students and staff have the possibility to benefit from an Erasmus+ mobility scholarship at the UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI CAGLIARI in Italy.

The mobility has to take place before July 30, 2023.

Available scholarships:

Student Mobility: 1 PhD for a mobility of 3 months.

Teaching staff Mobility: 4 Teachers for 7 days mobility

Training staff Mobility: 4 Teachers for 7 days mobility

Fields of study:

Humanities, geology, biology, natural sciences, pharmaceutical technologies, political sciences, environmental engineering, architecture

How to apply?

Interested candidates have to submit their application before Monday 21st November through the following links:

Link for students:

Link for staff:

Scholarship details:

For student mobility: As per the Agreement, the host institution agrees to charge no fees, in the case of credit mobility, to incoming students for tuition, registration, examinations or access to laboratory and library facilities. Nevertheless, they may be charged small fees on the same basis as local students for costs such as insurance, student unions and the use of miscellaneous material.

The amount of the grant is 850,00 € monthly per student.

The University of Cagliari can also refund the travel costs for a maximum of 360,00 €.

For staff mobility, the grant is 160,00 € per day.

The grant is taxed of 30% unless teachers provide a certificate of fiscal residence: a document proving that they are resident and pay taxes in Lebanon, provided by the Lebanese Revenue Agency.

For more info, please contact: