Taking the English road

Juillet 2022

When his friend and colleague, Joseph Zaarour, was head of the Interpretation Department at ETIB, John Donohue was promoting English during the difficult years that Lebanon witnessed. Together with the former directors of ETIB, René Chamussy s.j. and Jarjoura Hardane, they were striving to face the ugliness of the war, to transform the school into a heaven of peace by promoting languages, knowledge and culture.


With his broad smile and kind heart, John Donohue was always there, encouraging students, advising faculty and staff, and helping those in charge. He was the first to introduce technology to the interpretation jury to compute students’ grades. He was well aware of all events and loved to document and analyze socio-political changes and different literary trends.


Always up-to-date, he was considered as a reference not only in politics, but also in literature, international relations and Islam, and was consulted whenever in doubt. Author of numerous articles and books in his different fields of interest, he has shared his knowledge and experience with all those who approached him. Humble, tactful and boasting a great sense of humor, he always had the time to listen, to research and to be of assistance to those who consulted him. Above all, he sowed the love of English in his students’ hearts, only to reap the love of translation from and into English. He was the professor who opened the door to English and to American culture in a Francophone university; adding a great value to translation studies.


                                                                        Nadine Riachi Haddad

                                                                        Secrétaire général de l’USJ

                                                                        Ancienne de l’ETIB