Non-EU Teaching Mobility Program of the University of Vienna

Du 11 avril 2017 au 1 juillet 2017

In order to strengthen the cooperation between USJ and the University of Vienna, we are pleased to announce the next call of the University of Vienna’s Non-EU Teaching Mobility Program.


This program supports short-term teaching visits of faculty members of USJ (teachers, researchers…) and of other partner universities to the University of Vienna. It includes:

·         A 15 to 90 days guest professorship.

·         Reimbursement of travel costs up to € 2,000. By travel costs we mean costs of flight tickets etc.

·         A work contract with the University of Vienna.

This means that a contract will be set up with the university teachers/researchers elected by a commission. Thus, they become “employees of the University of Vienna” for the time of their stay.

They will have to care on their own for accommodation and health insurance covering their stay as well as their daily life necessities. However, they will be receiving a salary from the University of Vienna that shall cover these expenses and this salary will depend on how long the candidate is going to stay at the University of Vienna and on his or her excellence.


The language of instruction is English but exceptionally, in language teaching programs, it will depend on the language of instruction of each program.


The next application deadline – for courses planned between March 2018 and June 2018 – is: July 1st 2017.

How to apply?

1.      Applicants should get their USJ director/dean’s approval.

2.      Applicants are invited to get in contact with a faculty member in their specific academic field of the University of Vienna for support in view of including in the application for the planned teaching visit a mandatory recommendation by one of the directorates of studies at the University of Vienna. In order to obtain the requested recommendation letter, applicants provide their academic contact person at the University of Vienna with a detailed concept of their planned teaching activities.

3.      Upon receipt of a signed recommendation letter of one of the directorates of studies, applicants are asked to merge the documents specified below into one single pdf-file and to submit this file to by e-mail while keeping in copy of that email.

The required documents for application are:

ü  Application form (to be downloaded from this link)

ü  CV

ü  List of publications

ü  Syllabus of the proposed course

ü  Letter of endorsement by at least one directorate of studies of the University of Vienna

ü  Letter of support by the home university detailing the teaching experience of the applicant

All details can be found on the following website.


You can also check interviews with professors who attended the program here:

Ø  Wenxu Chen (Nankai University, China)

Ø  Prof. Richard Weber (Universidad de Chile)

Do not hesitate to contact us on or Mr. Maximilian Kudler or Ms. Brigitta Moravec of the International Office of the University of Vienna ( if you have any questions.