EPF-ESTP Summer Program in Paris

on Smart Cities & Engineering for Sustainable Architecture
Summer 2019

EPF-ESTP Summer Program on Smart Cities & Engineering for Sustainable Architecture offers an in-depth study on topics such as engineering for eco-cities and smart cities, environmental issues, city planning and architecture for the future.

Mainly designed for Undergraduate and Master students with a major in Engineering, Architecture, Urban planning/design, Sociology or Computer Sciences. The program is organized in 4 independent modules in the two cities of Troyes and Paris:

• Energy efficiency, comfort & culture

• Security & resilience in [smart] cities

• Bio-architecture & bio-city

• Digital connected city & architecture

Within this 4-module program a particular attention is dedicated to the following subjects:
• Smart cities
• Building Information Modelling (BIM)
• Domotics
• Urban comfort
• Interior comfort
• Energy efficiency
• Security
• Sustainability
• Digital transition
• Energy transition
Each module is composed of several workshops and a real case study.

Upon success, by the end of each module, students may obtain a certificate and 2 Credits (ECTS).

Besides the academic lectures and projects, EPF & ESTP Engineering Summer School organizes a cultural program, which will allow students to discover 2 of the most beautiful areas of France: Paris & the Champagne region.

Application procedure:

  1. Interested students should fill USJ’s outgoing mobility form and send it to the International relations office
  2. The international relations team will nominate them and put them in contact with the host uniersity.
  3. Students must then proceed with the host university's application...

Check the flyers below for more details or contact sri.mobilite@usj.edu.lb or call 01-421 000 ext. 1275-1158