ERASMUS+ scholarships to UMinho, Portugal


The first call for submission of applications, under the UMove(ME) 2019 project, is open.

We kindly ask you to read carefully all the information available at

Applications to this project will be open until 15/11/2019 using the application form provided on the link The online form must be submitted until this date.

PS: Available scholarships are for LEBANON, not only USJ.

In order to prepare the application, the candidate must follow the below steps:
1. Verify that all eligibility criteria are met;
2. Make sure that you have enough knowledge of the language of the degree you will follow, undertake, or the working language of the host institution;
3. Ensure that you have the required academic/professional background in terms of areas of work;
4. Carefully read the application instructions;
5. Collect all the information and documents necessary to submit your application;
6. Ensure that the project proposal is objective and specific about its methodology and feasibility, impact and benefits as well as the ability to achieve project goals within the deadline established by the duration of the grant;
7. Make sure that the motivation presented in the application regarding the benefits of mobility and the expected outcomes is clear.

Application procedure for STUDENTS:

1. Check the host university's academic program and language of instruction on their website.

2. Choose your courses with the approval of your Director/Dean at USJ.

3. Fill USJ’s outgoing mobility form available on our website.

4. Have it signed by your Director/Dean at USJ and send it to USJ’s international relations office located at the Rectorate, Damascus road.

5. USJ’s international relations team will send your NOMINATION to the host university.

6. Proceed with the host university's application:

Application procedure for STAFF:

1. Send an email to with your CV in English and a brief summary (in ENGLISH as well) of what you would like to teach/do at the host university (course description/language of instruction/visits/meetings etc.)

2. The international relations team will then send your nomination to the host university.
3. Proceed with the host university's application:

The consultation of the document "Guidelines for Applicants" is highly recommended. Also, before starting filling in the application we recommend you to read the Guidelines for the Application Form.
Both documents are available here:

IMPORTANT: Please note that the application will only be considered complete when all the required documents are uploaded. All documents must be uploaded in PDF format and the name of the participant must be included in the file’s name. We stress that applications will only be accepted if submitted online by filling in the e-form. The application will only be definitely accepted when the selection process is completed and the final results are published by the International Relations Office. The filling of this form implies the permission to publish my personal data in the website of the project or in any other format, for dissemination purposes of the selection process.

After the call is closed, the following selection procedure will be implemented:

  1.        UMinho receives the application and checks the documents in order to send the applications to the home institution.
  2.        Validation by the home institution, concerning fulfilment of eligibility criteria.
  3.        Assessment by the home institution and by the host university, concerning the relevant areas of learning/teaching/training. Candidates are nominated by the Home Institution as a result of the internal selection and accepted by the Host partner after internal validation channels are followed.
  4.        Final selection of candidates by UMinho.
  5.        Notification of the decision.
  6.        Grant Agreement.
  7.        Settling of the final mobility dates.

For more information, please contact 

In the case of the University of Minho please contact