LILLE European Summer Program (ESP)

Summer 2020


Created in 2001, the LILLE European Summer Program (ESP) is a four-week academic course offering to students (and instructors) from around the world the opportunity to experience French culture firsthand at the heart of Europe and be part of an international, multicultural student community.
LILLE ESP is tailored to suit your objectives and challenges, while balancing educational and social activities. Students can choose from a large variety of electives to fulfil their interests and expand their horizons.
Diversity is what makes the programs and community so rich: students from all over the world, from different types of institutions, with different backgrounds and perspectives share a common experience on a French campus, at the heart of Europe.
LILLE ESP offers student-centered programs developed in collaboration with partner universities, with exciting new electives. It has been designed as a full package including a large variety of academic courses, accommodation, meal and transportation passes, extra-curricular activities, and 24/7 personalized assistance.

The LILLE European Summer Program (ESP) is composed of two month-long program sessions (June and July). Students are welcome to attend both sessions! Students can choose from a large variety of electives:

The programs offer academic courses taught in English or in French, utilizing the University’s expertise in Humanities, Social Sciences, Management, and more. Courses are taught by highly-qualified faculty from the Université Catholique de Lille or visiting professors, with an aim to provide both theoretical background and practical learning through site visits and hands-on activities.

  • 90 Contact hours (1 contact hour = 60 minutes)
  • 12 ECTS Credits = 6 North American Credits
  • All courses fulfill ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) standards and detailed transcripts are available for credit transfer to your own degree program.

Program fees:

2 995 euros with 10% discount for partner universities (USJ) and for students attending both sessions

For more details, please visit:

Application procedure:

  1. Interested students should fill USJ’s outgoing mobility form BEFORE March 15 2020 and send it to the International relations office 
    PS: Students must also get their Dean's approval on whether or not the course they have chosen will be validated upon return at USJ. A written note by the Dean is a must.
  2. The international relations team will nominate them.
  3. Nominated students will be contacted to proceed with their application.

Should you have any questions, please contact (or call 01- 421 000 ext. 1275 - 1158)