Social Media contest: #EU4YOUth #InTheirEyes

Selection of two digital influencers from Lebanon

#EU4YOUth #InTheirEyes contest social media

Selection of two digital influencers from Lebanon

The EU NEIGHBOURS SOUTH Project launched a regional contest #EU4YOUth #InTheirEyes during the first half of 2020 for online influencers from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. In each country, two digital influencers (active on either Facebook, Instagram or YouTube) will be selected and will go on to meet beneficiaries of EU-funded projects. Through their eyes and their original stories and/or videos, the general public will discover the real impact of the EU actions on the lives of young people and local communities.

The selected influencers will attend the awards ceremony that will take place in Brussels by June 2020. There will be a winner per country and five winners at regional level will be awarded prizes in addition to the honorary title of EU Goodwill Ambassadors.

Anyone that fits the profile of digital influencer can participate in the competition. The requirements are listed in the following link :

The deadline to apply is 15 January.

Selection criteria for Instagrammers/Youtubers :

  • Proven professional skills of the Instagrammer or Youtuber.
  • Strong style of the video/story submission in terms of degree of relevance to stories and creativity in production.
  • Degree of professionalism, popularity on social networks: number of fans and/or followers and audience engagement.
  • Innovative approach in terms of technical skills and/or response to the topic;
  • Potential impact on the target audience and the general public;
  • The efficiency and credibility of the production schedule;
  • The clarity and quality of the overall proposal;
  • Broadcast plan and appropriate transmission.

More information is available at: