Summer School Paris Dauphine at the London Campus

June and July 2020

As USJ is a partner of Paris Dauphine University, we would like to bring your attention to the Summer Schools offered at Paris Dauphine's London Campus in June and July 2020.

Every summer, Dauphine London Campus welcomes students from around the world to study in the heart of one of the world's most dynamic cities.

This year, two inspiring Summer School courses are offered, both a mix of seminars, company visits and networking events.

1. The Finance Summer School, a 3 to 6-week programme (“Secure your dream job in the Finance industry in London, NYC or Singapore”), provides students with key insights into the workings of financial markets and the operations of the UK’s leading institutions. Workshops about building your profile and personal network, financial English tutorials, company visits such as Blackrock, Lloyds Bank, Goldman Sachs and BNP, mock interviews and numerous networking events will enable students to significantly increase their recruitment potential in the main centres worldwide.

2. The International Management Summer School (“Sow the seeds of a successful international career”) aims at helping students building their international network, polishing their English and strengthening their leadership, strategy, communication and presentation skills. The school leads students through an intensive 2 to 3-week programme taught by Lecturers from the best universities, personal and business skills experts, as well as senior executives from global companies such as Google, Estée Lauder and Universal Music Group and London based start-ups.


As USJ is partnered with Paris Dauphine University, students will be able to benefit from a discounted rate and there are also scholarships available to qualifying applicants.

For the full programme of the Summer Schools, please see the leaflets attached below or visit the website at

Application procedure :

  1. Interested students should fill USJ’s outgoing mobility form BEFORE February 5, 2020 and send it to the International relations office along with the Dean's official approval in case of any course validation upon their return to USJ. 
  2. The international relations team will then send the student's official nomination.
  3. Nominated students will be contacted to proceed with their application..

Accommodation options are available upon request.

For any queries please contact Mara Casadio: (Dauphine) or (USJ)